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 Art Work "Spray Chorus" /

Under the covid-19, I believed "Disinfection should be music."

At : France,La vardens "Fragments du Japon" / Bulgaria, Music showcase "SPIKE" / Japan,Shizuoka Theatrical festival "Strange Seed", Japan, Tokyo Gallery in Roppongi, ANB Tokyo.
展示:フランス・La vardens 城「Fragments du Japon」展、ブルガリア・音楽フェス"SPIKE"、静岡・演劇祭"ストレンジシード”、東京・六本木ギャラリーANB Tokyo

"After covid19, antiseptic solutions were put at the entrance of all venues. Every time when we enter the door, we have to push the spray.

If I can replace "to disinfect" with "to create music", what would happen? When you sanitise your hands, a sound are made and mixed with other sound made by someone else. 

Music will be born. How lovely it would be.


Disinfection should be music.


This “SPRAY Chorus” has chorus sound with five voices each when you push the spray.
When there are several sprays, you can make harmonies by sprays without playing music instruments or singing.






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