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Community Art "Living Japanese myth -On the way to the Earth-"/ コミュニティアート作品

September 21st 2021 in Hitachinaka city (Nakaminato area in Ibaraki prefecture).
Performed at MMM, a local art festival 
Awarded a grand prize

2021年11月21日 茨城県ひたちなか市那珂湊
地域芸術祭MMM-みなとメディアミュージアム グランプリ作品 

When I started to prepare for this festival, my idea was totally different.
Everyone believed optimistically covid 19 would subside soon.
But no artist could visit to this area and the festival was postponed over 1 year.

I decided to create new art work at a place which is based with this area's people not like a sightseeing spot by searching the possibilities of art in this age, under the covid 19 and by rethinking about the local community actually means.

An open-air performance from one shrine to another.
The motif is from Japanese mythology's episode ""Tenson Kourin"" which is the descent of Amaterasu(the god of Sun)’s grandson to the Earth.
I wanted to express the gods and goddesses who are lost, looking back, but still moving forward.

The local participants would talk the lines and walk as gods and goddesses.
At the time, Hassaku-Matsuri, the festival held every two years in this Nakaminato area was also postponed.
So, Motomachi-Miroku – one of the floats that parade at the festival would also join this performance.
With splash protection, the actors practiced talking and walking.
And the members of Miroku practiced their music.


I wrote lines along the rhythm of Miroku and Miroku team changed the tempo along the line talking.
It means traditional culture and nowadays expression mixed.
We did indeed experience a moment when the town came together.









-Produced, Singing and Dancing by Ekotumi

■演出・歌舞 ・エコツミ・

-Local actors
Yuri Akiyama, Takao Isozaki
Mitsuru Isozaki, Mie Osuna
Misora Koizumi, Erika Sakurai
Akemi Shiohara, Etsuko Suzuki
Wakana Terakado, Keiko Toya
Sayuri Nakata, Mikiko Nemoto
Kumiko Hasegawa, Mana Hirayama
Kyoko Matsumoto

秋山友里 磯崎隆夫 磯﨑満 大砂美絵 小泉美空 櫻井えりか 塩原明美 鈴木悦子 寺門和奏 戸谷恵子 仲田小百合 根本美喜子 長谷川久美子 平山真奈 松本京子

-Special thanks Motomachi-Miroku

■特別出演 元町みろく

-Translated by Yo Yoshimori
■翻訳 吉森葉

-Edited by Takahiro Mori

■映像編集 盛孝大

-Directed by Miki Sasaki

■ディレクション 佐々木樹

-Supported by Haruko Isozaki Tokiwa University
The Nakaminato pageant executive committee

■協力 磯﨑春子 常磐大学


-Presents by
Minato Medeia Museum 2020→2021
executive committe


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