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The Deep Joy of Living /


Music & Lyric Ekotumi、Torine, Michiaki Yamada
作詞作曲 ・エコツミ・、トリ音、山田道明

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Full album / フルアルバム

・エコツミ・バラード集。 黄昏時の語源をモチーフにした「誰ぞ彼は」、活動初期から歌い続けている「おはじき」、リトアニア公演で絶賛された「偽月」(ギゲツ)、もう無理に笑わなくていいのだと優しく包む「きみの笑顔」、そしてボーナストラックの5曲。

Ekotumi's Ballad "Tazokare" (means who are you) is based on the origin of Japanese word "tazokare"(Twilight) and about the story to wait lover at twilight time. "Ohajiki" (Japanese kids playing in old time) is sorrow to play alone, without you. "Fake moon" is the song of a boy who feel everything is fake even himself because he never goes out from the small room. "Your smile" is... My tears would wipe off they would wipe off your lipstick You don't have to smile you don't have to smile any more And bonus track!

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