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NFT Artwork Visual Music
"Displayed Soundscape Series" / NFT ビジュアルミュージック作品 「飾る音楽シリーズ」

Visual Music work “Singing, Moving, Picture No1. No2”
ビジュアルミュージック作品「歌う、動く、絵 No1, No2」


“The ultimate goal of all the arts is music.”  

                                                   Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
"All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music."                                                             Walter Horatio Pater

But I, a musical artist, have felt jealous like paintings, statues, pictures, and installations which can exist like forever.

Can we display the music also?
Could you stand in front of the artwork and taste that calmly several minutes… maybe hours like me in front of paintings.

「すべての芸術が究極に目指すものは音楽である」 ニーチェ





So, I created my new artwork, “Displayed Soundscape”.

This artwork is visual music. This is fixed video like picture, with music.
Usually “human” is object of shooting. But in this artwork, human is a part of landscape and doesn’t move as much as possible. Only the nature make change in the video.

The music is composed by melodies which I felt during video. It means this music is a kind of the “soundscape” of this place. And because you can listen this music only in front of this artwork, it also means this music is a kind of the “soundscape”.
It created by human (my) voices which is one of primitive music instrument.

Like the picture in the URL, you can enjoy this artwork with tablet, smartphone, or PC monitor.

Details : Medium

スクリーンショット 2023-03-07 14.59.19.png
スクリーンショット 2023-03-07 14.59.53.png





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