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On My Yellow Skin

Under the feet, deathful shadows

I know they were, but now they gone

Sweet temptation, mellow voices

I know I heard, but now they gone


Don’t you see me?  In my black eyes

There is the world, lasting this world

But that is built on the dry sand

No one know on the dry sand


I touch you and I kiss you then until when you remember?

We forget that the lasting world will fall apart and ruin


Flowers good smells are connect to handcuff

My head feel ache, my soul feel ache

The body notices to live with destiny, unbreakable one, undisturbed one

I close my eyes, my little black eyes but I can see the permanent wound

Come on this world in my body   I wish no more praying


I touch you and I kiss you then until when you remember?

I broke one man   Now he’s over, sleeps well on the ground


And we will lost something, something noble will go away

Don’t go please


We can have same ‘tomorrow’ but tomorrow has a difference

Other side of mirror in my eyes falls apart and ruin


Wake up now this lasting world, Wake up now and do it

My yellow skin is carved memories by a parted mirror

And I will go out to do what I do, to do what we do

Music & Lyrics Ekotumi
Arrange Fumitaka Kato

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