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東京都が、コロナウイルスにより活動自粛せざるを得ないプロのアーティストたちが作品を発信でき、stay homeでも人々が芸術文化に触れられる機会を提供するというプロジェクトを実施してくださっています。



写真家 田中亜紀さんとともに参画いたしました。




オンライン写真展『みえる音楽、きこえる風景展 ~Waiting for Canary 2020~』

音楽×歌×写真。 東京とヨーロッパを中心に国内外で日本神話を歌う・エコツミ・と、舞台カメラマンでもあり太陽の写真を撮り続けている写真家田中亜紀とのコラボレーション。

実際にギャラリーを訪れたかのように自宅で楽しめるオンライン写真展。 楽曲「トーキョー聖歌」は2020年4〜5月に収録したリアルな東京のサウンドスケープを用いながら、聖歌をモチーフに声だけで作り上げている。


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is implementing a project to provide professional artists who have been forced to refrain from their activities due to the coronavirus with an opportunity to present their work and for people to come into contact with art and culture at "stay home".

Artistic Culture Support Project "Ale for Art! Tokyo Project"

Ekotumi participated in this project together with the photographer Aki Tanaka.

We are pleased to announce that our video work has been released to the public.

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The online photo exhibition 【Visible Music, Visible Landscape ~Waiting for Canary 2020~】

Music x Voice x Photo. A collaboration between Ekotumi, who sings about Japanese mythology mainly in Tokyo and Europe, and Aki Tanaka, a photographer who is also a stage photographer and take pictures of the sun as her life work. An online photo exhibition that you can enjoy at home as if you were actually visiting the gallery.

The song "Tokyo chant" is created with only voice based on the chant as a motif, using the real soundscape of Tokyo recorded from April to May 2020.


Ekotumi Tokyo chant