Tour in Lithuania リトアニアツアー

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ゲストには現地の歌姫Jurgaや影絵劇団の’Budrugana Lietuva’をむかえ、




-主催 ・エコツミ・プロジェクト

-共同主催 NPO Kulturines ir organizacines idejos, Raku, LLC

-特別協力 ヴィリニュス市

-協力 News portal、Vilnius culture center

-後援 国際交流基金

-運営 KOI

Ekotumi's first tour in 2019 is for Vilnius, Lithuania on 22nd Feb!

At Šv. Kotrynosbažnycia where is most beautiful church in Vilnius.

In church, about Japanese mythology.

What's a amazing collaboration!

Title is 'IZANAMI'

IZANAMI is female god who create Japan's natures by bearing.

Yes, this is the beginning story of Japanese mythology.

Guest are wonderful artist Jurga and shadow theatre ’Budrugana Lietuva’.

Don't miss it!!

22nd Feb, 6:30PM at Šv. Kotrynosbažnycia (Vilnius)

-Host. Ekotumi Project -Cohost. NPO Kulturines ir organizacines idejos. Vilnius culture center. Raku,LLC -special cooperation. With Vilnius municipaity, -sponsors JSC Dreigsas (Kikkoman representative), Fujifilm Lithuania, Vilnius City Municipality -cosponsored -cooperation (nonmonetary) News portal (article placement, banner ads, Lithuanian national television (interviews). -operator / direction company KOI