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On My Yellow Skin

Kagutsuchi, the god of fire

Crying Star


Under the feet, deathful shadows.  

I know they were, but now they gone

Sweet temptation, mellow voices

I know I heard, but now they gone

Don’t you see me?  In my black eyes 

There is the world, lasting this world.......

                                           Lyrics is here 

There were female god, IZANAMI. She was the first god in the earth and married male god, IZANAGI. They loved each other and gave births to lands and natures. Finally they decided to have new child, the god of fire.

On My Yellow Skin.ekotumi.
Kagutsuchi, the god of fire.ekotumi.

But When IZANAMI bore the god of fire, she passed away leaving her lover on the Earth.

Love song from the dead land.


You might be crying now. I am gone from the world forever

All stars you gave to me already have faded.......         Lyrics is here 

Crying Star.ekotumi.
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Concert in Lithuania

Music Video Before you were born

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