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Next concert!

■[REAL]28th Nov 5:30pm @Shrine, KANADA MYOUJIN in TOKYO time,
[Streaming]29th Nov around 7pm in Europe time

Ekotumi concert in Jinja/shrine.
With English scripts.

This is FREE! 20min, special concert!!!
Don't miss it!!!

Detail is here

■[REAL]14th Dec open:7pm start7:45pm in TOKYO time,
[Streaming] 15th Dec around 7pm in Europe time

"Mythical sound surround"
New songs will be released!
Between February-April 2020, under lockdown for covid19,

ekotumi and her friends&many wonderful people(!) recorded the sound scape at points of all over the world.
Ekotumi composed the songs with those sounds.

you should listen it!

Of course with English scripts.
In the second half, Ekotumi will deliver the world of Japanese mythology from the new translation Kojiki series, including new experimental performance using floor sensors.

Detail is here

■[Real] 13th Feb 2021 open:6pm start6:30pm in TOKYO time,
[Streaming] 14th Feb 2021 around 7pm in Europe time

Ekotumi's New translation KOJIKI series.

This theme is OKUNINUSHI. The master god of big Earth country.
And enshrined at this KANDA MYOJIN. 

You will know about his life via his name changing.
Of course with English script.
Detail is here


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