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I was born and raised in Tokyo, and from kindergarten to university, I have frequented Christian schools; thus I knew that there was a history to Japan, but I did not know about its mythology.


“Kojiki” (the oldest Japanese historical book and there are myths) was only some word during the exams.

I thought that great fantasies such as Greek or Scandinavian mythologies I adore were unthinkable in Japan. That made me believe that Japan was lacking culture―that was my state of mind by that time.


When I graduated university and learned to sing, I stumbled upon the “kojiki” as I was looking for my own way to express myself. I was shocked to know that there was such an exciting tale in Japan and whose characters were still living amongst Shinto shrines even today!


Knowing that such characters (even though I could not see them) really existed not only in novels but also close to me somewhat encouraged me. It filled in me a bit of this kind of boundless loneliness inherent to human beings. Mythology is not something religious, but represents countries’ tales and more precisely the “culture” of this “Earth”, which I can confidently feel getting closer to my heart the more I perform abroad. Japanese mythology is a tale that the world still does not know well. “Ekotumi” puts words to Japanese mythology and tells it in Japan, throughout the world.

New translation KOJIKI series

Contemporary Opera

[The original three gods]

‘Three gods isolation’



My hands are still empty.

No one connect me.

Three gods was appeared in the beginning part of ’KOJIKI’.They are not paired gods like IZANAGI and IZANAMI but just alone gods.The names are AME-NO-MINAKANUSHI (means the center of the world), TAKAMI-MUSUHI, KAMI-MUSUHI(both mean creation).




2018.3 / 2018.11


I will curse you.That is my last gift, my last chained memory.

Male god IZANAGI and female god IZANAMI created this beautiful world. But when IZANAMI bore the god of fire, she got burn and passed away. IZANAGI tried to go to the underworld for IZANAMI retuning to life. However when he could arrive there, her face collapsed to ungly. And….


‘The mirror’

’The world became dark’

’The reason by gods’

2010.3 / 2011.12 / 2015.12 /2016.2 /2016.6


I had a good but becoming bad.I am just a god of SUN, I don’t know why I’m not perfect.

The god of Sun, Amaterasu govern the celestial world after her father, IZANAGI retired. One day, her younger brother Susano who govern the sea world far away from here came to this celestial world. And he played too much prank and confused the people. Finally a servant was dead by Susano’s practical joke. Amaterasu moaned ‘ everything is because of me! I should not believe my brother!!’ and she locked herself in the dark cave.



 the tale of my other half’



I'll sing again. Can you hear my voice? 

Tonight what’s a beautiful moon.

If you can, come and see me again.

Susano got thrown out from the celestial world and arrived terrestrial world.Although he does not come to manhoods yet, but for that, he should find his other half and kill to save victim. This is the hidden story in a famous big snake-dragon with eight heads.


‘The woman who can listen the voice’

’Oracle who betrayed the gods’

2010.7 / 2013.5 / 2017.6


The woman who can listen the voice

The woman who loves the god of moon

The woman who wants to save the man

She hurts and he pass away 

Sagume who is the oracle in the celestial world loved Tsukuyomi. But after his going to the night world, she decided to going down to the terrestrial world. She met the man, Wakahiko who looks like Tsukuyomi. One day she knew by the oracle that Wakahiko will die soon…..


2010.5 /2011.8 / 2013.1

‘MAGATAMA, Magical stone

 -unknown god, Tsukuyomi’ ’Tsukuyomi and Sagume’



Between the day and the dusk

Between the dawn and the morning

Just one moment to see you

Magical stone was born in there

Tsukuyomi who is the younger brother of Amaterasu should go to the night world to govern it. So far from the celestial world, he can go back his home never. The lover also so far from him. But during her sleeping, he could feel her heart and see her to save her from big pain. That because of him.  His love never reach to her.


‘No one knows my true name’



The wonderful king in this Earth

The big hero who changes his names and relives 

But he is alone always

O-kuninushi had several names like Onamuji, Utsushi, Shiko… He was the sport of the people around him and he wonder who I am. He will become a great king but in this story he was not the one yet. This is the story around his true name.



2014.5 / 2014.6


You are my destiny
You are not waverer

For you, I can do everything
Why you passed away like a bubble?

Uzume is the god of art especially dancing and singing. Because when many gods tried to make Amaterasu go out from the dark cave, she acted so important part with dancing.After that she went to the terrestrial world and fell in love with the god of leading, Sarutahiko. But one day he passed away suddenly in the sea. Long long time ago, singing is the same with praying.


‘The child of the forest’



Connecting heart, divided cement,

what did you thrown away truthfully?

Hey mother, why was I born?

Mii, the child of O-kuni, was abandon by his mother, Yagami at the tree. Because she was afraid of first wife of O-kuni, Suseri. Mii, this little god will become the guardian of the tree, the water and the forest and watch warmly this world.


‘The crying black monster’

’Forever petal of a flower’

  2010.12 / 2014.10


You and me, we are the one,

light and shadow, love and hate, 
I want you to vanish from this world,

I love you, my sister.

The beautiful god, Sakuya who is said that she is the origin word of SAKURA fell in love with Ninigi who was the scion of Amaterasu. But she had a elderly ugly sister, Iwanaga. After one night making love, Sakuya became pregnant and Iwanaga did…


‘The memory of unborn baby’



I was not born

The child who was tried to born by IZANAGI and IZANAMI didn’t have any born. They named him, Hiruko. So they wish to see him again someday and made him go to the sea with praying. After long long time, Hiruko went through the world and someday he will be back here.

Extra edition

 New translation folklore

‘ONI - Monster - Emishi’



This is the story of TOHOKU(north east area).


Why the man was called, ONI?

Why the woman became the monster ONI?

‘The commandment of the human’



Far place, deep forest, a big tree...

There were the little girl was sold by her parent in the foot of a mountain.

Of course because of the poverty.

Living hell or decaying death, which she will choose?

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