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Biography | 日本神話アーティスト | ・エコツミ・オフィシャルサイト


Songwriter and singer, performer, novelist of Japanese mythology and folklore.

Graduated from Waseda University. Shinto culture examination (Jinja-kentei) level 1 (highest). She has developed the ‘New Translation Kojiki series’, a Japanese-style contemporary opera with an original interpretation of Japanese mythology, through songs and dances.
Since 2015, she performs in concerts over the world, beginning with Europe. She also writes Japanese mythology long novels aside her singer career.
In 2020, Gakken Plus Co. Ltd publishing asks her to publish a new novel. She obtains funds from EXPO'70 FUND (The Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative) and launches a multilingual website about Japanese mythology.

Is currently working as a unique artist introducing Japan’s mythology to the world.




◇ Major achievements
- Organization of solo performances New Translation Kojiki series ‘Amaterasu’ in Paris and ‘Izanami’ in Vilnius, supported by METI
Special assistance of Vilnius city, Assistance of the Lithuanian Japanese ambassy, Under the auspice of The Japan Foundation
- Organization, performance and scenario-writing of the play ‘Izanagi, Izanami’ at Tokyo Daijingû shrine, Supported by Chiyoda prefecture
- Appeared in World Art Dubai; Opening performance, Dubai
- Appeared in 1st Firenze Japanese Movie Festival 2010; Opening performance, Firenze
- Exhibition and appearance at ‘Exposition d’art contemporain japonais < AUTOMNE >’, Paris, and ‘Fragments du Japon’, Lavardens Castle
- Appeared in Japan Expo 20th-16th; Fifth consecutive performance, Paris
- Appeared in HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market; Main stage performance, London
- And many other performance tours in Japan and foreign countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, etc.
- One full album, five mini CDs and one mini-album currently on sale

2.22.2019 Ekotumi concert about Japanese mythology at St. Catherine Church, Vilnius, Lithuania

  MV 'A wingless country' in English
MV   'Eight Daughters'
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